click to enlarge Giovanni's Shed

Oil on Canvas
177 x 125cm
Collection: Art Gallery of South Australia

Limited edition Giclee archival prints of this painting are available for purchase. Paper size: 42.0 x 60.0 cm

My Husband Bill and I were in Tuscany in 2001, him taking photographs whilst I sketched near our house and vineyards, when I spotted an older man in his shed. A perfect painting subject! I talked to him and for a while and asked if I could sketch him the next morning. He readily accepted.

Next morning - another hot day - I met him again at the appointed time in his shed. This time he was spotlessly clean, shaven and had a new shirt on......never mind.

Now, I must explain that I never paint portraits with the exception of a mere few of my choosing. Rather, I select people who represent a character or idea as opposed to and accurate likeness.

Giovani sat in his chair surrounded by his beloved objects - olives and the olive press, drying tomatoes hanging with garlic and sweet corn; on a shelf, some bread, cheese and wine.

The cool shed let some light in from a small window on his right side. An image of a self-contained, happy man sitting within his own world.

Anne Marie Graham